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Dog on Blue

It is our honor and privilege to be the trusted veterinary provider for your family pet.  We offer veterinary medical services but also believe in the functional approach to medicine by supplementing our care with a preventative approach with nutraceuticals from a trusted source with years of veterinary medicine education.

What We

Exams, Microchipping, & Health Supplements

Wellness exams are the centerpiece to true preventative health and our veterinary professionals can help to guide you in a world of misinformation. We're happy to discuss a custom vaccination schedule that best suits your pet's needs as well as natural supplements to keep your pet in the best health.

In House Laboratory

We offer diagnostics in our hospital that will give us results and answers on the day of your appointment.  We have a full laboratory suite offering Complete Blood Count, Chemistry analysis, Urinalysis and many other in-clinic laboratory panels.

We also offer in-clinic cytological examinations for otic and dermatological conditions.

Oral & Soft Tissue Surgery

Dental disease in all animals is very common but left untreated can lead to major problems like heart disease and malnutrition. From routine to more complex surgical procedures, we are here to discuss options that work for your family and budget while considering your animal's health and happiness. 

End of Life Care

Heartland Vet Care is here to support your pet and family during this difficult time.  We will find a solution that works for your family's needs by offering medical hospice care options to keep your pet comfortable as well as cremation services.

Livestock Consultation Services and Breeding Soundness Exams

To optimize herd health, we recommend annual consultations by our highly trained veterinarians to provide you with the most up to date care and preventatives.

In order to ensure proper genetics and optimize herd health, we offer Breeding Soundness Exams and ultrasound pregnancy checks.

Digital Radiography & Ultrasound Imaging

 After performing physical exams we sometimes need to investigate deeper and more internally.  Digital Radiography and Ultrasound allow us to get a picture of what's going on inside so that your family gets answers faster.

Laser Therapy

Photobiomodulation therapy results are achieved when a sufficient wavelength of energy reaches target tissue and results in decreased inflammation, decreased pain, and accelerated healing. This proven therapy delivered by medical professionals will create fast results as a non-invasive, drug-free delivery that patients enjoy.

Behavior Consultation

We offer behavior & training consultation for your puppy or adult dog, including basic commands, separation anxiety, fears & phobias, and aggression (inter-dog, inter-cat, human directed).

Equine Medicine & Surgery

We provide equine services specializing in lameness and respiratory disease.

Not only do we provide routine diagnostics, such as blood work, ultrasonography, and digital radiography, but we also provide newer alternative therapies like extracorporeal shockwave therapy, IRAP, PRP, acupuncture guided diagnostics and many others.

We took our dog precious here today for her vaccines, I was so worried that she would be so scared and not do well because she is a very anxious dog. The vet and vet tech were absolutely amazing she became very comfortable super fast. I highly recommend this vet as a place for your animals!


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