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Veterinarians Dr. DJ and Sarah Weimer of Heartland Vet Care

Heartland Vet Care was created with the goal of providing quality, custom veterinary care.  We treat our patients as individuals and the important family member that they are. We strive to educate and help our clients while providing outstanding care for our four-legged friends. 


Our hope is to provide an environment where the entire veterinary team can optimally utilize their skills to provide patient care that exceeds our client's expectations.


Our clinic is a renovated farmhouse just north of downtown Knightstown on State Road 109.  In renovating this old home, built in the late 1800s, Heartland Vet Care successfully brings the feel of a caring home to our animal clinic.  We are so excited to shared our dream with you.

Heartland Vet Care ~  Caring for Creatures Great and Small

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